Couples & Families

Are your relationships in turmoil? Is communication difficult? Could you use some help solving differences?

Healthy relationships are central to our well-being in life. Couples and families in distress are stuck in unproductive patterns. The inability to resolve conflict overshadows the love that brought you together and drains your intimacy.

Let me help you move past the difficulties into better communication and problem-solving skills. I use Emotionally Focused Therapy and evidence-based Gottman Method assessments and interventions to help you repair and restore attachment bonds in your primary partnership or among family members. In couples or family counseling you can expect to:

  • Have each person feel heard and understood
  • Improve your communication and problem-solving skills
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Increase emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Manage major changes such as parenthood, divorce, or caring for extended family
  • Deal with infidelity
  • Explore the influence of the family you grew up in
  • Set goals and co-create the family life you want to have