Are you or your children struggling? Are you experiencing difficulty in work, school, or relationships?

Counseling is an important source of support, both for the challenges of daily living and for major life-changing events. Individual therapy is a place where you will:

  • Feel heard and supported
  • Have our undivided attention on you and your issues
  • Gain insights about yourself, your relationships, and your coping strategies
  • Develop emotional regulation and choose your behaviors
  • Deal with issues of self-worth, life imbalance, professional burnout
  • Adjust to major transitions in life such as job loss, marriage, parenthood, divorce, blending families
  • Heal from trauma
  • Set and reach goals

I use a client-centered therapy approach to treat a wide rand of conditions including, but not limited to:

I look forward to helping you gain the clarity and direction that will help you survive and thrive.